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Curriculum Vitae - Knut Sauer, PhD, MSc

Higher Education

1999-2002 PhD in Satellite Navigation and Systems Engineering, University of London, Imperial College of Science Medicine and Technology/ London (UK)
Title of the Thesis: "Integrated High Precision Kinematic Positioning Using GPS and EGNOS Observations"(2003)
1994-1997 MSc (Dipl. Ing.) in Geomatic Engineering and Mining Surveying, Technical University Freiberg (Germany)
Title of the Dissertation: "Determination of Recent Crustal Movements Using GPS and Triangulation Networks" (1997)
1991-1994 BEng in Mining Surveying, Technical University Clausthal (Germany)
1987-1990 Professional Education as Surveyor, Internal School of Hydrogeology Nordhausen in Johanngeorgenstadt (Germany)
Professional Experience
2003-2004 Trimble Terrasat Munich (Germany)
Project Engineer: Development and implementation of methods for carrier phase based positioning with three and four frequencies, project for the European Space Agency (ESA) Project Title: "Carrier Phase Positioning Techniques for Galileo Using Three and Four Carrier Frequencies"
2002-2003 Campus Technologies AG Ibsach (Switzerland)
Senior Software Engineer: Responsible for software development for digital signal processing in optical network testing
1999-2002 Imperial College Consultants Ltd., London (Great Britain)
Software Consultant: Software development for GALILEO-Sat, Civil Aviation Authority (UK), Alcatel Space, Thales-Avionics and Thales-Geosolutions.
1999-2002 Imperial College of Science Medicine and Technology, London(Great Britain), Centre of Transport Studies
Research Associate
1997-1998 Panorama AG for Planning, Architecture und Engineering Bern (Switzerland)
System Engineer: Geographical Information Systems (ArcInfo)
1994-1997 Department of Mining Surveying and Geodesy, Freiberg (Germany)
Research Student: GPS for monitoring of hazardous mining areas, Applications for Geographical Information Systems (ArcInfo)
1990-1996 Internship in the field of mining surveying with various companies e.g. LAUBAG (Lausitzer Lignite Mining Corp.), Rheinbraun AG (Rheinische Lignite Mining Corp.) and DBE (German Association for Final Storage of Radioactive Waste)